Private 1:1 Food Blogger Coaching

You know what sucks? Seeing others have the success that YOU want but not knowing HOW to get there.

I get it.

8 years ago I was working your typical post college job for pennies while admiring bloggers such as Pinch of Yum who were bringing in BUCKETS of money per month. How did they do it and why couldn’t I?

So I worked, and worked some more while trying out every single strategy under the sun to see what would stick.

8 years later I’ve found the key to working smarter, NOT harder. I’ve brought my husband on board and we’ve created two food blogs, one of which we sold for tens of thousands of dollars as well as a creative content agency that specializes in recipe development and food photography. We currently make multiple 6 figures per year while working part-time.

This career has enabled us to travel full-time for over a year, move across the country for the fun of it, and enjoy each other without the stress of a 9 to 5 job. What could be better than that?

I want this for you too and I bet you feel like it will NEVER happen, am I right?

I remember having the SAME conversation with my husband Alex back in 2012. “We’ll never make more the 60K combined, you know that right? Why do we even keep dreaming about someday when that someday doesn’t exist?”

Man, I feel sorry for that 20 year old who thought her future was bleak only to realize 7 years later that the world is her freaking oyster and it can be YOURS too. I promise. want to be a food blogger/recipe developer/food photographer huh?

Well, I can help you get there, and FAST.

With our private 1:1 coaching (no courses!) I can help you transform your career into a lucrative money making machine.

This 12 week hands on program has an investment of $4,250. That’s approximately 4 sponsored posts (with the traffic we’re going to make sure you start to get), or 10 freelance recipes you’re going to create for the world’s top brands.

You’re worth it, your time is worth it, and you’re worth not waiting a SECOND longer to become the kick-ass food blogger you’re meant to be.

Here’s how it works:

We start with a brand development strategy call. This will help us hone in on what your vision is for your career. We’ll cover things like what you’re good at, what you’re not so good at, what you like doing, and how much money you want to make.

We’ll do a deep dive into the current state of your brand. This will include things like where your traffic is coming from, your current followings on social, your current strategy, and more. We’ll then do a content analysis and offer specific recommendations for your brand and content that will get you thriving ASAP.

You’ll then take a few weeks to implement what we’ve talked about. You’ll have unlimited access to us via email during this time for any question under the sun. It’s true that there are NO stupid questions.

After those few weeks we’ll discuss what’s working and collaborate on a long term strategy that you’ll use moving forward.

Obviously, we have to have some disclaimers: we can’t guarantee that your traffic, followers, or revenue will grow, but if you commit to the process, believe in yourself, have the grit it takes to succeed, and follow our recommendations, there’s really nothing standing in your way.

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